PROTELEC HTI high temperature inks

PROTELECJM HTI-series, high temperature inks

The PROTELECJM HTI-series is a unique market offering, combining the excellent adsorption and adhesion characteristics of the HGI-series with the ability to withstand temperatures in excess of 326°C (619°F). PROTELECJM HTI-series inks are suitable for devices which do not have the required internal volume to accommodate a tablet getter but still need the thermal stability of a tablet.

Supplied as a cured deposit on a suitable substrate (typically a package lid) Johnson Matthey’s PROTELECJM HTI inks are activated prior to use to ensure that 100% of the capacity is available.

Activation temperatures are typically 120°C (248°F) for six hours. Frequently the standard pre-lid seal bake will be suitable as an activation step for the getter. Johnson Matthey’s PROTELECJM  inks are stable up to temperatures of 326°C (619°F) for 30 minutes which is suitable as the lid seal temperature for combo lids and similar applications.

HTI-series at a glance