PURASPEC technology Johnson Matthey

PURASPEC processes are operated effectively in the temperature range 0-200oC (30-400oF), pressures from atmospheric up to 200 bar (2900 psi) and flow rates exceeding 2.0 million Nm3/hr (18 bscfd). Tell us your problem and we will draw upon our wide experience to devise and implement an individual solution. We will select from the family of PURASPEC processes or, where necessary, develop a variation to meet your needs precisely, regardless of the size of the application.

The scope of any PURASPEC technology package can also be tailored to meet your individual needs.

Johnson Matthey can offer the end user a full engineering capability, supplying the full PURASPEC technology package, complete with detailed engineering, piping and instrumentation specifications. However, our flexible approach also enables us to work with engineering companies - large or small - or a customer's own design team to deliver the package you require. At its simplest a PURASPEC package can be the supply of the requisite absorbents/catalysts together with operating instructions.