Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals (REACH)

This section outlines key elements of Johnson Matthey's programme covering REACH (the European Union regulation for the Registration, Evaluation and Authorisation of Chemicals). It is intended to help our customers and supply chain partners understand our plans and state of readiness and to answer some frequently asked questions. You can find information here on how we will support our products through REACH. The content covers specifics of interest to both EU and non-EU customers and also our suppliers.

Johnson Matthey is a company with diverse divisions and businesses spanning catalysts, chemical products and pharmaceutical intermediates. In this section you can also access Johnson Matthey's individual operating unit websites and their statements concerning REACH.

What we say about REACH

Neil Carson, Chief Executive of Johnson Matthey

We feel that there is good alignment between the EU REACH initiative and our corporate sustainability goals which combine a vision of long term economic success together with safeguarding the users of our products and assuring environmental protection.

REACH is intended to promote transparency to the public and supply chain and we will always strive to excel in these areas. It also fosters further innovation in product development and application of green chemistry principles which is already one of our core strengths at Johnson Matthey.

Paul Framp, Director of Environment, Health and Safety

Our response to REACH and similar legislation around the globe comprises a significant part of Johnson Matthey's overall product compliance and sustainability programmes. For both ethical and good business reasons we are conducting our substance assessment programmes under REACH in a way which is line with the latest thinking on integrated testing strategies.

This will avoid unnecessary tests whilst maintaining high scientific standards in the outcomes. We're encouraging others in our industrial partnerships to adopt a similarly progressive stance.

Part of our strategy is also to maximise the connections between all this work and product safety evaluations supporting the other territories around the world. We do not view REACH simply as a localised tick-the-box exercise for Europeans.

Johnson Matthey is well prepared for REACH

Click here to see the key points of our response programme to address the demands of the REACH Regulation.

What we will do

The REACH regime applies to all companies within the EU which manufacture, import, formulate or use chemicals. Therefore the complete supply chain shares responsibility for implementing the new measures which are intended to improve safety in the production and use of chemical substances. This section states how Johnson Matthey intends to respond to REACH to support its products and what it will do to assist its customers and supply chain partners.

Click on the links below to see what Johnson Matthey is doing to support its products through REACH:

What we are doing to support our products through REACH (English)
What we are doing to support our products through REACH (French)
What we are doing to support our products through REACH (German)
What we are doing to support our products through REACH (Spanish)
What we are doing to support our products through REACH (Italian)


Detailed Responses about Johnson Matthey's REACH Compliance Programme

In this section you will find more detailed information about Johnson Matthey's REACH compliance programme and how it covers our products. We have compiled responses to a number of questions on Johnson Matthey's approach to REACH, for example related to product availability, pre-registration and registration plans, and supply chain communication.

View the detailed FAQs


How to get more Specific Information or Assistance

This section provides contact point information and links to individual Johnson Matthey business unit REACH web pages.

Johnson Matthey's business unit websites provide specific information on product ranges, and indicate appropriate local contact information. A number of standard supply chain letters are also available for download.

For customers

For product-specific questions in the first instance please liaise with your normal Johnson Matthey business unit sales contact person. More information on the network of specific business unit contact points is also available.

Johnson Matthey's Businesses REACH web pages and contact points.

Business Product Groups REACH Contact Point
Johnson Matthey ColourTechnologies Pigments, frits, precious metal inks, conductive pastes, and automotive enamel products
Chemicals, Catalysts and Refining Precious metal products, including gold, silver and platinum group metals; precious metal refining operations

Johnson Matthey Noble Metals (Europe) Fabricated precious metals and platinum group metals products

Process Technologies: Catalyst Businesses Syngas & Gas to Liquids; Refineries & Gas Processing

Johnson Matthey Chemicals GmbH Base metal catalysts


Still not found an appropriate Contact Point?

Inquiries can be referred to our general contact point.


Customer and Supply Chain Letters

Customers located within the European Economic Area (EEA) / European Union (EU)

Future communications will appear here.

Customers located outside the EEA or EU:

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Sector and Industry Association Statements on Aspects of REACH

This section contains links to statements by industry sector organisations and key external REACH websites.

Statements and Position Papers

Key REACH External Links

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