FCC additives and addition systems Johnson Matthey

FCC Additives & Catalyst Handling Technologies

Most refiners now find it essential to use catalytic additives to supplement the host FCC catalyst in order to achieve the desired unit performance, product quality, and environmental emissions targets that must be met.

Johnson Matthey is the foremost supplier of FCC additives and addition systems, specializing in the development, manufacture, sale, and technical support of both additives and addition systems for the refining industry. With over 22 additive products, our INTERCAT range of FCC additives and addition systems allow refiners to make the most of the synergies that exist in the FCC unit so that they may continually optimize yields and minimize emissions. Our additives afford refiners the ability to tailor the selectivity of the FCC, boost LPG yield at the expense of LCO and HCO, decrease bottom yields, and reduce regenerator SOx, NOx and CO emissions.

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Performance Additives

  • LPG Olefin and Octane Improvement, Bottoms Upgrading, and Catalyst Enhancement Additives

Environmental Additives

  • SOx Reduction, NOx Reduction, Gasoline Sulfur Reduction, and CO Promotion Additives

Addition Systems

  • Single Loaders, Multi-Compartment Loaders (MC-3), and Multi-Source Loaders (MSCAS)