A large coal-to-SNG project involves several stages of chemical processing and employment of significant capital equipment - so in a successful implementation of an SNG project reliability is a key consideration.

Johnson Matthey has a long history of developing applications and designing plants and catalysts to convert coal-derived synthesis gas into downstream products.  Although the SNG market for producing large volumes of gas from coal appears to be relatively new, our CRG methanation technology, which is based around our high performance CRG catalysts, has been in use producing SNG for almost 30 years.

In addition to a reliable and efficient methanation technology, Johnson Matthey also provides sour shift catalysts for adjusting the balance of hydrogen and CO in the raw syngas and purification technology and catalysts.

The reliability and efficiency of the CRG catalysts and technology have been recognised by many customers as they select Johnson Matthey for new coal-to-SNG projects.

Our technology is focused on providing:

  • A high quality SNG product suitable for export via gas pipeline or liquefaction to make LNG
  • Mild design conditions to give lower capital cost, easier equipment procurement and improve reliability
  • Suitable energy integration to maximise heat recovery
  • Flexibility to withstand changes in feed conditions

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