Steam reforming for hydrogen

Selecting the right catalyst for your application is essential for reliable and optimum steam reformer performance. In this critical operating unit of the hydrogen production train, Johnson Matthey will make recommendations on the optimum split of catalysts to be loaded in the reformer tubes based on your feedstocks and plant operating conditions to ensure optimal operation at all times.

Johnson Matthey manufactures a choice of KATALCO QUADRALOBE catalyst that are unique in their ability to reform efficiently the full range of feedstocks from natural gas, off gas and LPG to heavy hydrocarbons such as naphthas.

QUADRALOBE catalysts are made in a range of sizes, allowing optimum reformer loading for each individual plant. Our portfolio of steam reforming catalysts includes the following:


For natural gas, off gas and LPG:

  • KATALCO 23-4Q series
  • KATALCO 57-4Q series
  • KATALCO 25-4Q series


For naphthas:

  • KATALCO  46-Q series


Product bulletins:

Bulletins for all of our KATALCO products are available through our KATALCO customer login area.