Substitute Natural Gas

Global energy markets are changing. Many regions are seeing high overall economic growth rates and sharp increases in the demand for energy.  Such demand can be met by converting coal to flexible and cleaner burning substitute natural gas (SNG).  This can be done using locally available coal and so increase energy security for countries such as China where there is little indigenous oil and gas.  The availability of SNG to major cities in China allows the phasing-out of old coal-fired heat and power systems leading directly to improved air quality and associated health benefits.

With over 20 years' experience, Johnson Matthey is the market leader in the supply of catalysts and technology for the production of SNG.  Our catalysts have been used since the mid 1980s in North Dakota in the world's first large-scale coal-to-SNG plant.  More recently our methanation technology has been selected for 9 commercial-scale SNG projects in China, the first 2 of which are now operational.



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