Sulphur removal for refineries - Johnson Matthey

Sulphur in appreciable quantity is a poison to a number of catalytic conversion units in the refinery, particularly in those that utilize precious metal catalysts. Some examples of common applications are the catalytic reformer, isomerization and benzene saturation units. A sulphur guard on the feed to such units protects against consistent low-level contamination or high intermittent levels due to maloperation upstream. This will improve catalyst performance, resulting in improved yields and longer catalyst life.

A range of PURASPEC sulphur adsorbents have been developed for refinery applications that offer high sulphur sorption capacity through optimal catalyst design and metal dispersion. A variety of sulphur compounds (H2S, mercaptan, sulphide, disulphide, and thiophene) are selectively removed by adsorption and PURASPEC solutions can be tailored to provide the perfect fit for the operating conditions and the stream impurities present. If required, a full range of sulphur can be removed to non-detectable levels with a single sorbent. Adsorbent solutions to total technology packages are available based on the need of the refiner.

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