Technical support Johnson Matthey

Johnson Matthey wants its customers to be successful. We continually develop high technology catalysts, the performance of which may be significantly enhanced by optimization of plant operating conditions.

Johnson Matthey’s technical service team is available to provide advice to customers on revised operating conditions, within the plant design limits.

Highly experienced Johnson Matthey technical service personnel can assist in many important aspects of process catalyst operations.

The technical service function can assist with:

  • Catalyst selection
  • Operating conditions and life predictions
  • Catalyst loading
  • Start up, shut down and regeneration procedures (on site assistance)
  • Routine plant monitoring (technical service site visits)
  • Trouble shooting
  • Identifying customer focused improvement opportunities (e.g. plant expansion studies)
  • Training
  • Establishing basic flow sheets for new applications
  • Reactor design (process vessel sketches)
  • Chemical and physical analysis of spent catalyst

Technical support for Refiners

All of our Technical Service engineers and professional consultants have over twenty years of refining industry experience that is predominantly FCC related. Our technical service staff is augmented by our R&D and manufacturing personnel for conducting analysis and FCC additive performance evaluations.

Our technical service representatives readily support:

  • Additive selection
  • Addition system design, installation, and servicing
  • Test protocol development
  • On-site testing
  • Product evaluation and piloting

Johnson Matthey maintains on going relationships with the refinery process engineers, FCC operations supervisors, and economics and planning personnel with frequent visits to understand any potential opportunities for FCC additive usage as well as to assess the performance of any additives in use. Recommendations for FCC additive usage and performance estimates for establishing economic justification are also provided.